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Work Experience - Continued
I worked at a movie theater for a month while I went to school and worked full time at the printing press, I had thought I could handle it, but in the end it didn't work out and I had to quit.

During an extended stay in Missouri, I needed to have a flow of cash, so I started working at a print shop there. The place was called Sir Speedy, and the equipment was far better than my previous print job position.

January 11th, 1999 my career started. I was hired at Apple Computers in Elk Grove to help provide technical support to people over the phone. I was hired on by a temp agency named Sierra Tech.


Close to a year after beginning work there, I became a full Apple Employee. Shortly after that, I moved on to technical support level 2. My responsibilities were raised exponetially, however my pay was also increased as well.

Seeing a excellent opportunity, my friend Rob and I travelled to the bay area to see what Cogswell Polytech was like. We both applied for a job inside Apple for a secret project that was going on, that was so quiet that we didn't really know what we were applying for. Shortly after applying, we both got the job and they were ready to tell us what the deal was. We were going to work at one of the first Apple Retail Stores ever. At the time it was believed it would be the first, however due to construction issues it was postponed for many months.

We both became Mac Geniuses at the Palo Alto Apple Store. He has since left, however I have stayed and am now working part time while attending school.

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